TGA/WHO Formula Hand Sanitiser Spray

80% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser Gel

TGA/WHO Formula Hand Sanitiser Spray

80% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser Gel

TGA Approved Organic Hand Sanitiser Spray

75% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser Gel

TGA Approved Organic Hand Sanitiser Spray

75% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser Gel


We aim to be your one-stop-shop for your hand sanitisers supplies, removing the complexities and challenges of dealing with multiple supply chain requirements and allowing you to get Made in Australia products on time and at the lowest price.


Our products range from alcohol based hand sanitiser to commercial TGA approved organic products are tailored to your domestic, business & governement needs. Recently, we have been selected to supply hand sanitisers to Richmond Valley (NSW), Coffs Harbour (NSW) & King Island (TAS) councils to supply hand sanitising products.


All our staff members are highly trained with extensive expertise in the markets we cover. Email us any time for help selecting the right sanitising products for your problem. (please send your enquiry to


As Melbourne’s largest online shop for hand sanitising products, we can offer unrivalled pricing and product range combined with a next day delivery promise (depending on order value).


Expert and responsive with a extensive range of hand sanitising products. You can rely on us to keep you stocked!

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You may have been bombarded by millions of different hand sanitisers in the market now. Here are some critical tips for helping you choose the right product.

“Made in Australia” 

Some factories are sourcing Overseas Alcohol and labelling them as Hand Sanitisers that are Made in Australia even though they are using Overseas Alcohol. We have been refusing to source and sell cheap overseas alcohol from Columbia, Vietnam or China since April. We are not stating that all overseas alcohol is not good. However, some suppliers do not have the proper certification to prove the alcohol quality and percentage.

This is why we registered the Kangaoroo logo for all our alcohol-based products to show that our ingredients are all sourced  locally. Our products are made from Australian alcohol and produced in Australia.

Look for a Barcode as you will be able to identify who the manufacturer is, where the products made and the date of manufacture. Eg. the product below has an unclear label without barcode and info regarding the manufacturer’s details.

Misrepresentation in the percentage of alcohol as the label will show 75% (or 75% ± 5%)  but in the product description will show only minimum 70%. Our standard, if we label and the product description shows 75%, we guarantee at least 77% of alcohol is contained.

Avoid Cloudy Gel. The right “gel” should be clear and you can see millions of small or big bubbles in it.

Proudly Support Local Community

Victoria has been the most affected with the longest lockdown in the world due to COVID-19. As a neighborhood pharmaceutical factory, it is our duty to help individuals who have been badly hit due to the lack of proper hygiene. We are donating our products to Victorian nursing homes and schools, for example, Cumberland View Aged Care, Naranga Specialist School & Echuca Specialist School.

Please contact me on if you require any 70% alcohol content and above hand sanitiser for your aged care facility and schools.